Why is online gambling (casinos) so popular in Asia?

Online gambling has been popular in Asia for a long time ago. It's a fact that Asia has the biggest gambling market worldwide, but that's because this continent has over sixty percent of the worldwide population.

However, online gambling is illegal in most Asian countries, especially in big countries like China. Chinese people love gambling in all of its forms, regardless if it is about slot machines or lotteries. However, it can be extremely hard for them to play their favorite games as the authorities track and pursue most operators and agents in charge of these activities.

As of now, Macau has the biggest concentration of gamblers in all of China as there are no real "regulations" regarding online gambling, but there are many other places where people can go and enjoy casino games without repercussions, like Hong Kong.

Hong Kong permits some forms of gambling, such as football betting and lotteries. Horse racing and mahjong are also included on the list, but as for regular casino games (like poker), people have to look for “alternative” ways of playing those as they remain illegal.

And like this, we could continue mentioning countries from all around Asia, like Japan or India. There is no particular reason why online gambling is popular in Asia. It is the same in all countries. People have different reasons to çengage in these activities, but the "illegal" part takes a key role.

As of now, it can be a bit stressful for Asians to enjoy their preferred casino games due to the harsh regulations that exist at the moment. A long time will pass before laws change. So, for now, they must accustom to what the law allows and wait until some event marks the difference and they can start enjoying more relaxed gambling laws.

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