Online Gambling in Indonesia

The most popular online gambling games in Indonesia are the following: live casinos, blackjack, and online slot machines. Why gamble online instead of in person? Along with Covid-19 and social distancing, it is convenient for the player to pull out their phone and begin to bet. 

Online Slot Machine 

Online slot machines feel as though you're there in person pulling the lever. You swipe your finger and wait for the three wheels to align in your future. How amazing would it be to hit the jackpot, all while in your own home!


Blackjack is a skilled game where you are trying to either get close to the number twenty-one or exactly on it, without going over. As simple as it sounds, blackjack can be challenging. You'll be betting, just as you would in real life, except your eyes are on your screen. 

Interactive Live Casino

Now, a live casino is a bit more interactive online than you would think. It can involve using your own webcam to interact with a live dealer. It's more immersive than an app, but you're not physically there, so the appeal of being online is very much there. The variety of games are endless and you don't have to wait for a machine or even interact with anyone, but the dealer.

Are you excited to be able to play and not have to get into a car, bus, or train to make it there? Instead, you make an account and log in with the touch of a button and the swipe of a finger? The world of technology is growing and casino's are now in our favor, so let's start today.

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